The works in YouTube/the medium is the medium exist within YouTube among the many genres of video hosted on the site. And now going into its ninth year, the website itself functions as personal archive for many; through 'favorites' playlists, uploaded videos, and comments, it charts individual, user-specific histories of the Internet. The YouTube video is social media, after all. In putting this exhibition together, the ubiquity and diversity of YouTube as a cultural stage has needed to be addressed in the curation. To solve this problem, and outline the multivalent and multi-user nature of the website, the solution is to open the exhibition up to the viewer. 


The Collaborative Playlist is open to all visitors. It is a list of videos viewers have requested be added to a master playlist that dialogues with the videos in the curated list. Any video of any length and featuring any content is welcome. 


To contribute to the Collaborative Playlist, post video links in the public comment box to the right or in the private contact page accessible through the navigation bar.